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What documents do I need to submit for new residential construction?
Documents that will need to be submitted include:
  • Two complete sets of stamped blueprints and calculations with a maximum size of 24" by 36" drawn to a scale of not less than 1/8" to one foot. (Architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC).
  • Foundation plans and framing plans must have the seal of a structural engineer, registered in the State of Texas.
  • Plot plan and site survey including a legal description. The survey must have been completed within the last 18 months and certified by a registered professional land surveyor.
  • Electrical load analysis, plumbing and gas riser diagram, and mechanical layout.
    • FEMA Elevation Certificate
    • Tree survey / protection plan
    • Drainage and/or fill plan
    • Green space calculations (house / deck drip line must be less than 40% of building lot, dripline and non-permeable surfaces must be less than 50%). Make sure you ask the building inspector about these regulations and all setback requirements

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1. What documents do I need to submit for new residential construction?
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