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Waterfront Compliance Committee

The Waterfront Compliance Committee is a standing committee, tasked with assuring that the waterfront leases (grounds, bulkheads, piers, dock and other structures in the adjacent water) are maintained in good condition and in compliance with the Waterfront Leases, meetings are held as-needed. 

Current Members:

Kurt Otten (Chairman pro tem)
Don Milbauer
Doug Roberts
Kurt Otten
Ed Waters
Brad Saltaformagio

2013 Accomplishments

There are 173 slip leases, ranging in size from 5 ft to 95 ft.  Beginning in 2012, the Waterfront Committee identified a number of leases that were not in compliance, with violations ranging in severity from trash and weeds to abandoned pilings, derelict piers, and failed bulkheads.  The Committee inspected each slip at various tides, documented the violations, and reported them to the City.  Violation letters were sent out to the leaseholders (see Correspondence).  At the end of 2013, approximately a dozen leases were still in violation or the leaseholder had returned the lease to the city.   These will be auctioned.

In addition, the Committee recommended modifications to the lease agreement. 

The Committee identified approximately 150 pilings that were abandoned or derelict.  Jim Flanagan of Marine Services pulled these pilings at no cost to the city.

About Leases 

Residents of the island are eligible to lease waterfront property from the city and make certain improvements on them.   At this time, all waterfront property is leased.  Leases run for a ten year period and were all due for renewal in 2013.  A current list of leases may be obtained from City Hall.  Leases may be transferred along with a home when it is sold or to another resident.  Any lessee who ceases to become a resident will forfeit that lease back to the city.  The city will auction leases that have been forfeited due to non-residency, non-payment, or neglect as needed.  The lease agreement specifically states the responsibility of the lessee.  Those responsibilities include maintaining the bulkhead and any improvements such as pilings and piers and keeping the land area clear of trash, weeds, and clutter, including water toys and small boats.

The annual lease fee is $4.42 per linear ft.  Leases may be transferred between residents for $300.00.  The transfer of a lease requires a 30 day waiting period wherein it's posted at City Hall.


Contractors registered with the city to do bulkhead/pier construction:

Bulkhead & Pier:                        281-381-1009     (Ed Berry)
Lozano Bulkhead & Piers:        281-773-6434     (Troy Faircloth)
Marine Inc.:                                281334-1655      (James Flanagan)
RS Kennemore:                         713-302-1703     (Steve Kennemore)