Police Department

Police Department Mission

The dedicated professionals of the Clear Lake Shores Police Department, in cooperation with the citizens of Clear Lake Shores, shall strive to provide a safe, secure, and viable community through:

  • The protection of the fundamental rights of all people
  • Open communication and alliance with citizens
  • The promotion of pride and trust through the continual performance of responsibility, honesty, integrity, and discipline
  • Active recruitment, development, and retention of qualified personnel
  • Proactive innovation to anticipate and meet the challenge of our changing environment

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    David Donaldson

    Chief of Police
    Phone: 281-595-1656

  1. _M3A4340-Edit-5

    Nathan Flores

    Phone: 281-595-9303

  1. _M3A4327-Edit-4

    Nathan Shimansky

    Phone: 281-595-9303

  1. _M3A4325-Edit-3

    Erick Galvan

    Phone: 281-595-1948

  1. _M3A3345-Edit-10

    Madilyn Zanco

    Phone: 281-595-1612

  1. Jose Vargas

    Phone: 281-595-9275

  1. Hannah Mason

    Phone: 281-595-9316

  1. Tom Trout

    Phone: 281-595-9318

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    Chet Rich

    Reserve Officer
    Phone: 281-595-1665

  1. Daniel Rebolledo

    Reserve Officer
    Phone: 281-595-1665