Police Department

Police Department Mission

The dedicated professionals of the Clear Lake Shores Police Department, in cooperation with the citizens of Clear Lake Shores, shall strive to provide a safe, secure, and viable community through:

  • The protection of the fundamental rights of all people
  • Open communication and alliance with citizens
  • The promotion of pride and trust through the continual performance of responsibility, honesty, integrity, and discipline
  • Active recruitment, development, and retention of qualified personnel
  • Proactive innovation to anticipate and meet the challenge of our changing environment

Chief’s Message

_M3A3318-4It is the duty of all Law Enforcement agencies and officials to keep the citizen’s we serve informed of legal updates and appropriate laws related to our communities. This message is provided in keeping with that spirit, and is presented to insure public trust and to create an environment of cooperation and mutual respect.

 Senate Bill 30, which was enacted during the 85th Legislative Session, is titled the Texas Community Safety Education Act. It seeks to change citizen and officer interactions by standardizing the training received by Texas drivers and Law Enforcement officers. A link to this bill is provided, and citizens are encouraged to review the information contained there, so as to inform them of their rights, abilities, and expectations when interacting with any law enforcement officer.

Senate Bill 30: Community Safety Education Act

Along with this Act, I encourage you to review the information contained in the Texas Department of Public Safety Drivers Handbook. It will insure that you, the citizens, are well informed of your rights and duties while operating a motor vehicle upon Texas roadways and within our community. Please follow this link to access this information, and if practical, re-distribute the information to friends and family as well.

 Texas Drivers Handbook

As the Chief of Police for Clear Lakes Shores, I encourage each of you to drive safely wherever you are. Be aware of your surroundings and follow all traffic signs, signals and warnings. It is my pledge to you that we will provide the most professional law enforcement services possible, and do our part to create a safe environment for all to enjoy.

Tracy B. Keele, Chief of Police 

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    Tracy B. Keele

    Chief of Police

  1. _M3A4320-Edit-2

    David Donaldson

    Assistant Chief

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    Nathan Flores


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    Nathan Shimansky


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    Erick Galvan


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    Brent Cooley


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    Madilyn Zanco


  1. Jose Vargas


  1. Hannah Mason

    Phone: 281-334-1034 Ext 218

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    Chet Rich

    Reserve Officer
    Phone: 281-334-1034 Ext 205

  1. Daniel Rebolledo

    Reserve Officer
    Phone: 281-334-1034 Ext 205