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September 20, 2020 11:37 AM

City of CLS Prepares for TS Beta

A Storm Surge Warning and Tropical Storm Warning are in effect for the city of Clear Lake Shores. TS Beta is forecast to create 10” to 15” of rainfall through Thursday.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Tropical Storm Beta continues to move toward a landfall in southeast Texas by early Tuesday morning. A Storm Surge Warning and Tropical Storm Warning are in effect for the city of Clear Lake Shores. TS Beta is forecast to create 10” to 15” of rainfall through Thursday. Based on this forecast, heavy rain, street flooding, high tides and storm surge are possible. Based on projections, high tide Monday morning will be at least a foot higher than Sunday.

The City’s Emergency Operations Center has been activated to a level 4 and continues to monitor the system with the National Weather Service.

As part of this activation level city assets have been prepared for extended service times, fuel and supplies such as food and water have been confirmed and portable assets in areas that could be prone to flooding have been elevated.

Residents are urged to closely monitor local media for forecast updates. The City will continue to provide weather updates, additional city preparations, and other changes to city services through our website and social media outlets.


The City of Clear Lake Shores will NOT issue a voluntary evacuation. Personal preparedness is a shared responsibility, and everyone has a role to play. It is the responsibility of each individual to plan, prepare and take reasonable and necessary measures to prevent damage to personal property and ensure their own safety.

We anticipate flooding to impact streets prone to flooding as well as the drainage system affecting those less likely to flood. Clear Lake Road bridge access may be impacted and impassable for a period of time. If you must leave the island portion of the city during this event you may wish to relocate prior to these anticipated events.

Residents can make sure that their homes are prepared for heavy rainfall by doing the following:

Make sure everyone in your household knows and understands your hurricane plan. Discuss the latest Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it may affect your hurricane planning.
• Be sure to remove your items/belongings off the ground level by either raising them up or moving them to higher ground.
• Secure any other loose items that could easily be moved by high winds.
• Fuel vehicles and generators now.
• Make sure you have all of your insurance policy information.
• Know where important documents are and take pictures of your property for insurance purposes.
• Make sure drains and gutters are clean around property.
• Obtain your CLS vehicle stickers available at City Hall, 1006 South Shore Drive Clear Lake Shores, TX 77565. To obtain them, residents must fill out the Resident Application Form, and return it to City staff during regular business hours. You can download the form online at, or you can obtain it at City Hall upon arrival.
• Notify family and/or friend if you evacuate and where you plan on going.

Since Spring of 2020, the CDC has recommended people include additional items in their kits to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Consider adding cloth face coverings, soap, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes to your emergency supply kit. To learn more about the basic emergency supply kit, please visit
• Make sure your disaster kit is fully stocked, with enough supplies for each family member.
• Do not forget about special items for babies, elderly and medically fragile family members.
• Have your prescriptions filled.


The City of Clear Lake Shores will use the “CLS CONNECT Emergency Notification System” if necessary. Please ensure that your family, friends, and neighbors are signed up with current information in our system. To receive alerts via email or SMS, you can register by visiting our website
• You can also stay connected to the City through and the City’s social media channels. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @CityofCLS.
• Download the FEMA app and receive real-time alerts from the National Weather Service. Download app here:
Don’t forget to pay attention to trusted sources for weather information like NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center and US National Weather Service Houston-Galveston Texas. You can find a complete hurricane preparedness guide at

Don’t forget to sign up for the STEAR PROGRAM! The STEAR program is a free registry that provides local emergency planners and emergency responders with additional information on the needs in their community.
• Register Online at
• Dial 2-1-1 or use your video telephone relay option of choice to contact 211 at 877-541-7905 (Texas Information Referral Network)


All lanes of SH146 are open and all scheduled lane and road closures have been canceled including FM518 and FM2094. TxDOT and the SH146 Expansion contractor are taking all the necessary precautions to secure equipment as necessary. SH146 is a hurricane evacuation route and may experience an increase in traffic congestion throughout the day.

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