Requests for Continuance

Request for Continuance Procedure

  • To request a continuance (only one (1) request will be allowed and it must be done by the close of business time on the day prior to your scheduled court appearance)
  • Contact the court to obtain the Motion for Continuance Affidavit.

Reasons to Grant Continuance

A motion for continuance can only be submitted for the following reasons (must provide documentation with notary):

  • A religious holy day where the tenets of your religious organization prohibit members from participating in secular activities such as court proceedings
  • Death in family
  • Medical reasons
  • Out of town due to work or previously scheduled engagement

Financial issues are not considered a valid reason for continuance. If any of the reasons above do not apply to your situation, then please contact the court.

Helpful Information

Please note: It is at the judge’s discretion whether or not to grant the continuance. Submitting the notarized documentation does not automatically grant the continuance. As a defendant, you are allowed one reset.