Boards & Commissions

Standing & Special Committee Guidelines

In order to properly notify and allow the public the opportunity to attend, all standing and special committees appointed by the City Council shall abide by the following general guidelines:

  • All deliberations regarding committee business shall only be discussed at the official business.
  • Conduct meetings at regularly set times and dates.
  • Develop and post with the city secretary agendas for the meetings.
  • Keep and provide to the city secretary minutes of all meetings.
  • Unless a specific staff member is assigned responsibility for that committee, assignments and directives to staff are to be directed through the mayor or her/his designated representative.

Standing Committees

Standing committees currently include:

The City Council may decide to establish other standing committees. The City Council may also decide to eliminate any standing committee deemed by City Council to be no longer need or necessary

Because of the nature of duties delegated, the Planning and Zoning Committee, Zoning Board of Adjustments, and Building Code Board of Appeals shall comply with the Open Meetings Act.

Special Committees

Special committees may be appointed by the mayor with the concurrence of the City Council for special tasks. These committees will generally address a specific set of issues outlined by the mayor and be disbanded after they accomplish their tasks. All special committees are expected to follow the same general guidelines as standing committees and, except as otherwise provided, are not required to comply with the Open Meetings Act.


The Roads and Drainage Committee, Waterfront Compliance Committee, Zoning Board of Adjustment, and Economic Development Corporation are looking for new members. To apply to serve as a member on one of these boards, complete the Committee Request Form (PDF).