Recyclable Items

Recycle Day


Recycling - collected on Tuesdays except holidays please contact Ameriwaste to receive recycle bin.

  • Each resident requesting the recycling service can choose a bin or cart (prices vary). Replacement carts $40.00 and bins $7.00.
  • Recycled products can be combined in one container. Set your trash and recycling container apart from each other. Do not use the bin for household trash.
  • If you cannot fit all your recyclables in your container, place additional items in a cardboard box or in clear bags. Also helps prevent items from blowing on the street. Excess cardboard can be bundled with string or twine. Place the bundles next to your recycling container.
  • Needs to be reasonably clean & rinsed of any liquid or food products.

Please see a list of approved and prohibited items by clicking here