City Administrator

Greetings from the City Administrator

Welcome to Clear Lake Shores – Yachting Capitol of Texas.

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 9.34.32 AMI was appointed City Administrator after being a Town Manager for 16 years in West-Central Indiana.

The City of Clear Lake Shores is a unique island community, located close to everything. It's location on Clear Lake and proximity to Houston and Galveston make it an ideal place to live and conduct business. The island is almost exclusively residential, and the City extends to the mainland encompassing a large marina, retail shopping areas, bars and restaurants and other mixed uses including additional housing and open/green space.

The island has an active Civic Club, active residents and a group of volunteers who work together on committees to improve the City and provide recommendations to the City Council. The City Council consists of five (5) elected members and an elected Mayor. If you are interested in serving or filling in on any of our advisory committees, I ask that you simply fill out an application and submit or drop off at City Hall.

Clear Lake Shores Police, patrol on land and water. We all like to have fun and we also keep visitors and residents safe with active enforcement patrols and community policing. Bridges accessing the island, as well as public areas are also monitored remotely and recorded. As such, property crimes are minimal and prosecutions successful. We have a municipal court that renders decisions regarding enforcement actions.

There are City parks and plenty of beautiful homes and views on the island. Sundial Park, located on the Northwest edge of the island, is the perfect place to watch a sunset. In fact, this is the place where "every sunset is celebrated" by residents who walk or arrive by golf cart nearly every evening. Public fishing areas, kayak docks, boat ramp and children's park are also available. Our community pool serves residents and non-residents alike for a nominal annual membership fee.

City staff is dedicated and works hard to service residents and customers. It's easy to do when you enjoy your job, coworkers and the public.

Contact me or any appropriate city staff if you have concerns or questions. It is our mission to ensure that Clear Lake Shores remains safe, secure, solvent and sustainable well into the future.

Thank you, Brent Spier

City Administrator